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Doing well by doing good.

For a business to be successful over time it must be rooted in a sustainability mind-set.


Here at One Fitness Concepts we see sustainability in terms of caring for our resources as we go about our business. There are two facets to this and neither of them are an inexhaustible supply:

  1. Human resource

  2. Global resource 


Human resource means that we look after our people in a manner that they want to keep working with us. 


Global resources are those non-people resources that come from the planet that need to be used wisely and cared for so that there will be more of them tomorrow for others and ourselves. We do this in several ways:

  • We try as much as possible to do business digitally - whether it's keeping records or shipping new class releases 

  • When we travel we take advantage of an organisation called Carbon Fund to offset our travel carbon emissions

  • We are conscious everyday of unnecessary use and overconsumption

  • We constantly nag our friends and work associates about reuse, repurpose, recycle 


Sometimes these practices are more expensive than conventional ones but we happily absorb the costs if needed and continue to seek out new ways to do well by doing good! 

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