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One Fitness has perfect wellness and hospitality solutions!


Workplace wellness is an area that is gaining more and more attention. Many businesses are acknowledging the value of healthy employees but are often at a loss to know how to achieve this. 


Workplace wellness & hospitality provide special challenges for exercise providers, having very special needs when it comes to offering practical, achievable wellness and fitness products in their day-to-day business for their clients. Our classes are:

  • Specifically created for these situations rather than re-purposed workouts from gyms

  • Deliberately designed for ‘no prior experience’ and low intensity participants

  • Devised for immediate as well as long-term benefit

  • Sympathetic to the practicalities and constraints of workplace wellness or hospitality offerings


Our yogame™ classes offer successful simple, practical solutions our customers say. For workplace wellness we recommend either yogame™ | relax or  yogame™ | easy classes because yogame™ classes are specially designed to minimise barriers to both management & participation:

  • Classes are run on site

  • yogame™ | relax is only 20 minutes

  • yogame™ | easy is 45 minutes, inclusive

  • No special participant equipment necessary

  • Participants only need to take off their shoes

  • The location only needs a sound system with a microphone at most

  • Due to the low intensity, participants can swiftly return to their day

  • Proactive coaching of participants for a better experience

  • Each yogame™ | easy class finishes with relaxation

  • Taught without spirituality or religion- English names for exercises

  • Fits all life-styles and abilities


Contact us for more information about how we can help you achieve your workplace wellness goals easily and cost-effectively 




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Our hospitality solutions include on-demand, in-room sessions as well as on-site live classes that perfectly suit travellers' needs

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