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Owen Gaze
GM operations, product design & training 

Owen Gaze is one of the most experienced people involved in Group Fitness with over quarter of a century in the fitness industry.


At Les Mills for 23 years (Les Mills International, Les Mills New Zealand and Les Mills clubs) he has held many roles including those of group fitness instructor, an assessor, researcher, education writer, instructor trainer and trainer of international trainers. Over the years he has been a Nike sponsored athlete, a Brazilian club management coach, a workshop and convention presenter, a certified personal trainer as well as a strength and conditioning coach for New Zealand’s America's Cup team.


He says “I’ve had a great time developing ‘walk-in’ yoga classes for One Fitness Concepts. For our yoga products, I believe it’s all about engaging more non-yoga people to experience, and then add yoga into their lives. Even though yoga has been a part of the fitness scene for a long time, it's also about helping fitness facilities consolidate and effectively manage their yoga offering in the face of an often overly complex and difficult to understand market. I’m also loving bringing kettlebell training to the mainstream, putting it in a Group Fitness format and making it fresh & sexy, is equal to making it much more accessible to the general public!”


"As well as making these training modalities more available to the public through our yogame™ and KetFit™ Group Fitness Group Exercise or (Group-x) classes, quality education and training are providing new opportunities for fitness industry professionals and participants. As we move through various market cycles and workout fashions education often gets kicked to the kerb in our rush to get the latest exercise class out there. This is going to change as our participants and club members become more aware and more sophisticated and demand to be cared for better."

Owen Gaze at Nike Super Workshop
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