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If you're looking for answers to your questions about our classes you can get them here or you can ask us here if you can't find the information you need below! 
what does One Fit do
what are your classes
will they be suitable
I'm new
do I have to be fit
what do I bring
find a class
get classes in my gym
what yoga is yoga me
how is yogame different
different from mind/body
im new to yogame
what is KetFit
what are kettklebells
how do I start
become an instructor
how to ask

What does One Fitness Concepts do?

One Fitness Concepts is a fitness and education company who make Group Fitness classes (sometimes called Group Exercise or Group-X classes) and train and educate the Instructors who teach these classes at gyms or fitness facilities. You can learn more here


What are your classes?

We have 6 different Group Fitness classes - 5 yoga classes and a kettlebell class - you can check them out here


Will they be suitable for me?

Good question! You can find a yogame™ class that is suitable for you because the different classes are designed for different needs and varying levels of experience. Have a look here to see which class will suit your needs best! 


I'm new to exercise classes - what should I expect?

You can learn more here about Group Fitness classes. 

Essentially they are a fitness class to music with an instructor who tells you what to do. You get hot & sweaty. You have fun. You come back. And next thing you know you're having a good time & getting fitter & healthier as well! 


Do I have to be fit or have experience before I start?

Not at all! All our classes are designed for people of all ability and fitness levels.

For yogame™ choose the right class for your experience, fitness level and goals

For KetFit™ use a weight appropiate to your experience and use the options your Instructor gives you to either make it more achievable i.e. easier, or more challenging 


Do I need to bring anything to class?

Usually, apart from yourself(!) and your sense of humour, you might like to bring/use:

For yogame™:

  • Comfy clothes that allow you to move easily – perhaps a spare top for Relaxation in case you get cold

  • Bare feet – but use footwear to & from class 

  • A drink bottle – with a drink!

  • Maybe your own yoga mat – club dependent

  • A sweat towel

For KetFit™:

  • A sweat towel

  • A drink bottle – with a drink!

  • Maybe sweat bands for your wrists if you find the kettlebell uncomfortable when you have it sitting on the back of your forearm


If I'm pregnant should I do the classes? 

We recommend that you avoid KetFit™ classes whilst pregnant but yogame™ can be done using some modification to the poses - check here for some general guidelines. But always consult your healthcare professional first and pay attention to how you are feeling


How do I find a class?

Check our find a class page or if nothing shows contact us here & we can let you know the nearest club to you! 


I want my gym to get your classes - what should I do?

Get your club manager or GFM to check the situation out here and then get in contact with us & we can help organise this for you! 




Is yogame™ a particular kind of yoga? 

Our Yoga style is an Intergrated style - a blend of other styles of Yoga rather than a specific type 


How is the yogame™ class different from regular yoga?

We've designed our classes to be completely ‘do-able’ yoga-style classes to appeal to the greatest range of people possible, especially those who consider themselves to be ‘non-yoga’. The classes:

  • Are completely secular

  • Deliver comprehensible formats and content

  • Challenge through intensity not complexity

  • Don’t use advanced poses such as inversions

  • Recognise that people of differing abilities and experience require different challenges and therefore different classes

For more specific information please go here to better understand the rationale behind the classes and what each class style has to offer 


How is the yogame™ class different from the mind/body class at the gym I go to? 

Many mind/body classes are often a mix of different exercise styles such as Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, dance etc. yogame™ is purely yoga to give people a more authentic experience in a Group Fitness setting and to make it easier for you to understand what they are going do to and if it's right for them. 


Even though doing the physical part of yoga (the poses) requires you to be more aware and more mindful of what you are doing, yogame™ does not actively explore this part of the 'mind/body' type of class 


I'm new to yoga, which yogame™ class should I attend?

If you are new to yoga but not necessarily new to exercise we recommend that you choose yogame™ | active, learn about it here. But if you are completely new to exercise and the gym as well as yoga you should try to ease yourself into it all by attending yogame™ | easy - have a look here.

Either way, your gym will probably hold introductory classes to explain the fundamentals to new participants and you are better able to make an informed choice from there




What is KetFit™?

An awesome Group Fitness class using kettlebells! Have to look here to know everything about it


What's the deal with kettlebells?

They are an old, strong-man style training method that has become the new focus of functional fitness

Check them out here to get a better idea of what they are all about!


I've never used kettlebells before - how do I start?

You should talk to the staff at your gym, or find the KetFit™ Instructor and ask about their introductory class. 

Because using kettlebells safely and effectively is so different from the usual training most people do it's vital that you learn to use them properly before you attend class. Still not sure? Please contact us so we can help! 


Is it safe?

Absolutely! But like any activity, even crossing the street - it's safe as long as you do it properly




I've been loving classes & I want to become an instructor, how do I do this? 

First have a read of this. Then approach your instructor who should put you on to the club GFM (Group Fitness manager) otherwise email us here and we can help you to get this organised


How do I ask a question? 

Got some other questions? Please contact us here - we're happy to help! 




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