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KetFit™ classes build functional, everyday fitness that improves mobility and aids injury prevention​

What is KetFit™?

KetFit™ is the exciting, new kettlebell Group Fitness class. 


For each exercise you choose the weight to suit your level of fitness & experience to get fitter, stronger, more toned and a great shape. It represents perfectly the evolution of weight training classes that have been offered at fitness clubs for the last 20 years 


Exercise Style

KetFit™ is a high intensity, high repetition class using kettlebells with a strong cardio element. You don’t need to be ‘fit’ as such but you absolutely need to attend the introductory class before you participate, and some weight training experience is beneficial


​What to expect from your class?

Every KetFit™ class is made up of eight tracks (songs) which the Instructor changes out from class to class to ensure each of your workouts is familiar yet different. First the Instructor will warm you up and then take you through a series of exercises that are unique to kettlebell training, as well as some that will be familiar from weight training. You will receive motivation as well as direction & technique correction from your Instructor. Classes are 45 minutes


What do I need for my workout?

  • A sweat towel

  • A drink bottle – with a drink!

  • Maybe sweat bands for your wrists if you find the kettlebell uncomfortable when you have it sitting on the back of your forearm


How often can I go?

As often as you like! To see results it's generally accepted that you need to attend two to three times a week & then it simply depends on your goals and personal schedule


KetFit™ and pregnancy

Many people ask if it is safe to do KetFit™ whilst pregnant. We recomend that you don't.

Please read more here


Benefits of KetFit™

  • Improved functionality

  • Overall strength  

  • Body knowledge

  • Endurance 

  • Co-ordination

  • Increase in cardiovascular health 

  • Strengthen and shape your core

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