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曾建 (ZENG JIAN) is our National Trainer, educator and convention presenter in China for yogame & KetFit™ 


In 2000 I got a job as an intern at a gym, it was the beginning of my fitness road, then the work to tidy all the fitness tools in an orderly fashion and in the correct place. 

I spent every day doing the same thing, and every day looking forward to my own one hour of exercise. After a year or so, I participated in the training of the classes and then began training to coach in the gym, I really loved the feeling being on the stage, being on the stage to feel the adrenaline rush, made me very excited, Because it made me so excited, I became really interested in Group Fitness and this was a pivotal point in my life! 


In order to maintain my competitiveness, I have participated in the US Sports Committee ACE as a CPT. the KetFit™ Instructor course, and yogame Instructor course, so now I am a certified Instructor of KetFit™ and yogame classes as well as being appointed China National  Trainer for both these classes. Also had the honour to get the provincial fitness contest runner-up! In the fitness life, I will keep on achieving!


"In my seven years of fitness, I have a very happy, happy teaching those classes and I feel very passionate about fitness every day, I get so much happiness from fitness, I would like to share this happy feeling from fitness to my friends and family ".


I am a One Fitness Concepts yogame Instructor, a One Fitness Concepts KetFit™ Instructor as well as being a KBC Certified Coach and an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer

Mike Huffam for KetFit™ at ISPO Shanghai 2015
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