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The One Fitness Journey

Hailing from New Zealand, One Fitness Concepts offers innovative Group Exercise classes, education and certification.

Today’s fitness market has become increasingly niche and fragmented. One Fitness Concepts was created after the founders saw a need for Group Exercise training that avoided fads and extreme workouts and instead gave clubs an offering to appeal to a mainstream audience.

Using his 23 years experience as a Les Mills trainer, assessor, and presenter, Owen Gaze has created fitness experiences that allow instructors a solid learning base on which to build their careers and give participants achievable and intelligible workouts.


One Fitness’ foundation programs are yogame™ and KetFit™.

Set to powerful music, with choreography to match, both experiences are unique to the market.


yogame™ takes the exercise basics of conventional yoga and transforms them into modern, accessible workouts.


Combining the best of multiple yoga disciplines, workouts include strengthening, stretching, stability and spatial awareness, together with basic breathing and mindfulness, all presented in a secular manner without any lifestyle dictates.

yogame™ was created to make yoga truly inviting to every-day, non-yoga people. ‘Walk-in’ yoga classes allow participants to immediately enjoy a workout recognizing the issues currently in the market: beginners often feel ostracized, teacher training is not regulated, and not everyone wants to give 100% to a full yoga lifestyle and the commitments that come with it.


Utilising the experience of Tracy Fishwick, one if New Zealand's most popular teachers One Fitness has created 5 distinct classes, ranging from beginner to athlete to experienced yogi.


The class range offers tailored solutions for group exercise environments, dedicated yoga spaces and even onsite in the workplace as a wellness solution. 


One Fitness’ other foundation program is KetFit™ - an authentic kettlebell workout, made kettlebell training accessible to all fitness levels and abilities. Created in collaboration with Mike Huffam, (New Zealand’s leading kettlebell trainer), KetFit™ workouts combine strength training and functional fitness along with high-intensity interval training


KetFit™ formats include a 45-minute class, a 30-minute express class for the time-poor, and a compulsory introduction class to ensure safe form for all participants.


The program is designed to appeal to a wider audience, without the hard-core and often unnerving reputation that workouts like CrossFit™ tend to portray.


Instructor training lies at the heart of KetFit™, giving participants of every level the peace of mind that comes from having a skilled, knowledgeable coach working with them.


One Fitness programs are deeply rooted in instructor education and standards, giving instructors the resources to take their skillset to the next level and continuously improve.


The result? Innovative exercise programs that answer a real need in the fitness market. A valuable licence for club partners and a leading-edge offering of safe, effective Group Exercise that will keep gym-goers coming back for more!

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