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We're here to help! 


Ask almost any gym, club or facility owner and they will tell you, making Group Fitness (GF) successful and profitable is a surprisingly difficult task.


Some managers are simply unaware of the potential of their GF department or they don't know how to manage or resource it effectively.


Caught in-between your Instructors, your members and desired ROI, many involved in the management of GF are unsure of how they can best meet all their goals. 


How we can help

  • Class scheduling - finding the best mix of class styles and Instructors across your week

  • Instructor Training - everything from generic initial introduction to GF classes and instruction to advanced Instructor coaching as well as training for our own class styles

  • Studio design - the best studio for the job! Let us help you ensure your spend is in all the right places on all the right things to get studios that your Instructors and members will love 

  • Instructor quality control - we can help fill the gap when your facility isn't big enough to have experienced or senior staff to coach your instructors and provide structured growth 

  • Professional growth - we can help all your staff overcome performance issues with our personal and intra-personal skills training to ensure better teamwork and performance 

  • GFM (Group Fitness Management) - for whoever is managing your GF department to tackle issues such as staff churn, low class numbers, and low nett promoter scores

  • Timetable integration - struggling with pre-choreographed and freestyle classes on your timetable? Juggling different branded classes from different providers? We can guide you to maximising your offerings and making the most of your licence agreements & fees 


We can help by sending someone to your facility to assess your needs or help you in person, as well we have a range of sophisticated coaching tools available online. 


Contact us here to discuss your needs and get ahead of the competition 












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