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If you're looking for answers to your questions about our classes you can get them here or you can ask us here if you can't find the information you need! 
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How do I become an Instructor?

Enrol in an Instructor course with One Fitness Concepts


Are there any prerequisites?

  1. Depending on your country or local municipal area there may be a legal requirement for you to have a basic physical education qualification

  2. You should have or get a first-aid certificate 

  3. You need to be active and involved as a Participant in fitness and have a basic level of physical fitness and physical ability

  4. You need to have a basic skill competency for the class you want to teach i.e. if you want to teach yogame™ you need to have some basic yoga skills. You can learn basic modality skills here 

  5. You will need to provide evidence of these to One Fitness prior to attending training 


Can I train prerequisite courses with you?

Yes! You can gain modality skills through us here or we can direct you to people who can help you here


If I train to be a yogame™ Instructor can I teach all the class styles?

You can teach all the styles except yogame™ | classic - this is a different training 


How do I find an Instructor Training?

Go through the Instructor Training page and follow the link or contact us here and we can point you in the right direction!


What happens when I find a training?

  1. Check that you meet the prerequisites

  2. If not do a prerequisites course

  3. If you meet the prerequisites make an application to attend the Training here


I'm signed up! Now what? 

You'll receive a confirmation email from us with all the relevant information and you'll be contacted before the course by your trainer


How does Certification work?

If you meet the requirements of the Training you receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course which proves that you completed the training to our satisfaction. After three months from the start date of the course you can apply for Certification. You'll need to prove to one of our Assessors that you meet the standards set out in your Instructor manual


How long is my Certification valid for?

Your Certification is valid for 2 years and then you need to be re-certified


How soon after the Training can I teach classes?

Depending on the level of your pass at the end of the Training you may be able to start immediately or you may need more time to reach the minimum level required 


Where can I teach classes?

Any club, facility or venue that is licenced by One Fitness Concepts 


My gym wants your classes but doesn't have a licence - what should I do?

Get your club manager or GFM to contact with us & we can help organise this for you! 


Is yogame™ a particular kind of yoga? 

Our Yoga style is called an Intergrated style - a blend of other styles of Yoga


If I'm pregnant should I do the classes?

We recommend that you avoid KetFit™ classes whilst pregnant but yogame™ can be done using some modification to the poses - check here for some general guidelines. But always consult your healthcare professional first and pay attention to how you are feeling


Can I get CECs or PDC points for my training or education updates?

Yes! These vary depending on your location and the course that you are doing 

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