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Congratulations - you've made a great choice! 


Our Group Fitness classes are going to be a great addition to your facility! We pride ourselves on what we believe to be the most important aspects of these:

  • ease of management with fewer resources

  • both differentiation from your competitors and easy integration into your current timetable 

  • empowering your Instructors with 'easy to learn, easy to teach' classes 

  • fantastic content that your members will love

  • super value licence/training/equipment packages available! 

So, what do I do now?

Now you've decided to get the classes simply:

  • choose which classes you want!

  • can't decide? Either use our decision chart here or chat to us about it 

  • if you've decided which classes you want, simply contact us for a quote - our facility licences are tailored to your needs and your individual situation 

Still not sure? Contact us for a time to talk about it, come and see us in action at a convention near you or we can put you in contact with a facility owner who's having a good time with us 


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