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yogame™ is yoga fitness


The world’s only authentic yoga workout classes to music with fantastic, targeted results.


With yogame classes now making yoga comprehensible and relevant you no longer have any excuse not to enjoy all the benefits that yoga workouts offer.

yogame™ classes are the branded & licenced yoga Group Exercise classes you find at your local club or facility, and whichever class you choose, your functional fitness will improve along with your strength and flexibility. 

yogame™ classes highlight the fitness component of yoga training while offering you clear, identifiable workout choices no matter if you’re just starting out or if you’re already an athlete. Get fresh workouts with inspiring music choices every three months by trained & certified yogame™ instructors to give you more reasons to keep coming back 

class styles

There are 5 yogame™ group fitness classes:                          

yogame™ | relax

A guided relaxation session

yogame™ | active

Aimed  at regular, occasional users

yogame™ | easy

Entry level, gentle participation class

yogame™ | sport

Designed for experienced participants

yogame™ | classic

A more conventional yoga experience 

Why you will choose yogame™ brand yoga classes

A yogame™ class is authentic yoga and doesn't suffer from the compromises that composite classes do. We demystify yoga while lowering the barriers to participation for people who want the benefits that yoga has to offer - letting people fit yoga into their lives on their own terms. 

It’s incredibly easy to choose which yogame™ workout is best for you as each class style is clearly defined based on degree of difficulty rather than skill level or philosophy. 

yogame™ classes are authentic yoga workouts offering yoga as exercise rather than yoga as lifestyle


Why yoga?

Millions of people all over the world are enjoying yoga on a regular basis and it’s continuing to gain in popularity. Yoga, in its many forms, is one of the enduring cornerstones of the exercise experience as it addresses many of your fitness, exercise and wellness needs in a way that you can enjoy by itself or integrate into your overall fitness plan 


yogame™ and pregnancy


Many people ask if it is safe to do yogame™ whilst pregnant. Normally 'yes' - with modifications. It's usual to pay attention to your individual situation and talk to your healthcare professional. 

To get you started please see our helpful handout on yogame™ and pregnancy here or read more here

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