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Here's the yogame™ | sport class structure so yuo know what to expect in your class!

What is yogame™ | sport?

yogame™ | sport is our Athletic class designed for experienced participants. 


Are you experienced at yoga and looking to work hard? You will be challenged by yogame™ | sport where you’ll get many opportunities to work at a higher level, adding endurance to strength & flexibility in a class format that maintains high energy and interest. Because you have prior knowledge of yoga, the classes are taught with a higher motivational focus

Exercise style

yogame™ | sport offers you high intensity and physically challenging, but attainable poses


What to expect from your class?

Every yogame™ | sport class is made up of three exercise Blocks which the Instructor changes out from class to class to ensure each of your workouts is familiar yet different.  The format is the same as yogame™ | active but here the exercises are more intense and the music choices more robust - with lots of motivation from your Instructor. Classes are 45 minutes


What do I need for my workout?

  • Comfy clothes that allow you to move easily – perhaps a spare top for Relaxation 

  • Bare feet – but use footwear to & from class 

  • A drink bottle – with a drink!

  • Maybe your own yoga mat – club dependent

  • A sweat towel


How often can I go?

As often as you like! To see results it's generally accepted that you need to attend two to three times a week & then it simply depends on your goals and personal schedule


Benefits of yogame™ | sport

  • Improved functionality & core strength 

  • Increase in muscular strength 

  • Promotes physical and mental endurance

  • Develop and sustain an increase in flexibility/suppleness 

  • Help with weight control through increased calorie burn


yogame™ | sport class structure 

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