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These things guide our work

Our Foci

High quality, useful products

  • To offer carefully designed workouts that are accessible and relevant to people in their everyday lives

  • To be the industry leader in desirable, functional fitness classes 

  • To deliver high quality education that is the envy of our peers 

  • To train and manage our instructors to be Brand Ambassadors not just fitness teachers

  • Package and manage everything we offer so that it makes great business sense for all our partners


Our Values

Ethical and sustainable 

  • We enhance peoples’ lives while not screwing the planet they live on

  • We strive to offer achievable, sustainable career paths to fitness industry people 

  • We constantly value our people – everyone. Those who attend our classes, those who instruct them, the people who make them and those who offer them in their facilities 


While being profitable is fundamental to our ability to do business, this doesn’t happen at the expense of people or the planet 

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