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KetFit is Kettlebell Fitness


KetFit™ takes Group Fitness weight training classes to an exciting new place with all the benefits of a weight training class but with added functionality and cardio benefits! 


One Fitness™ used the intrinsic elements of traditional kettlebell training to develop an authentic kettlebell workout class that focuses on making kettlebell training as accessible and attractive to as many people as possible. The class uses a selection of kettlebells in different weights depending on the exercise & your experience 

KetFit™ appeals to everybody. Because it’s static it immediately appeals to men and the ability to choose light weights means that it has instant appeal to women 

Why is KetFit™ better than other weight training classes?

  • Very functional, multi-plane training for easier daily living with lessened risk of injury

  • Huge cardio response to maximise your training time 

  • Integrated core training for a stronger core & enhanced functionality

  • Improved joint stabilization from working with a displaced centre of mass

  • A focus on Posterior Chain work involving major postural and functional muscles to help combat modern lifestyles  

  • Enhanced balance from unilateral exercises   

  • Dynamic movement patterns for an exciting, gratifying training experience

  • Fast, multiple benefits from compound exercises


KetFit™ Introductory Class

Knowledge is very empowering! 

Many people are new to kettlebell training so it’s imperative that you attend the introductory class that your facility runs before you go to your first KetFit™ workout. This is where an instructor will answer any of your questions and show you how to get the most out of your KetFit™ class - safely & effectively 


The 'Kettlebell Difference' is the perfect blend of strength, mobility, flexibility and cardiovascular response ​


What makes kettlebell training different & better than conventional weight training? Kettlebell fitness training epitomizes the move to functional training by fitness participants the world over


"Functional fitness has moved beyond the trend stage, and is simply one of the driving forces for many of the 50 million health club members."

– Meredith Poppler of IHRSA (the International Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association)



Until the arrival of KetFit™ the popularity of kettlebell training has been confined to just a small group
of enthusiasts, and most potential participants have been deterred from taking it up due to the
perceived ‘hardcore’ nature of the workout 

Unlike conventional weights, a kettlebell's displaced centre of mass uniquely challenges the
body’s stabilizer muscles and forces the entire body to participate in the movement providing
a true, functional approach to conditioning


As well as training the oft-neglected posterior chain (back, gluteals and hamstrings) through
a full range of motion, kettlebells also offer unsurpassed strength, endurance and a
cardiovascular capacity to match. Due to the kettlebells' unique design (its displaced
centre of mass) muscles are often loaded and stretched through a greater range of motion,
and because your entire neuro-muscular system is active your metabolism is also quickly
elevated, making kettlebell training excellent for weight loss and body shaping 


Tedd Keating PhD, and Professor of Physical Exercise & Human Performance at Manhattan
College, says "Kettlebell exercises help with regular everyday functions such as lifting
groceries, carrying a pile of magazines, gardening, throwing out the trash or lifting a child;
moving irregular sized objects and controlling the momentum" 

Getting fit with KetFit™ group fitness class!
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