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Here's the yogame™ | active class structure - now you know what to expect in your class!

What is yogame™ | active?

yogame™ | active is our Intermediate class aimed at people who exercise occasionally, but regularly.


Either you've been going to composite classes and are now ready for a real yoga experience or you've done a little bit of yoga and are keen to hone your technique and inject a little more fitness into your workout. By attending yogame™ | active classes you'll get a great all-round workout along with plenty of information to ensure you have a better experience 


Exercise style

yogame™ | active offers you achievable exercises that can help you progress from yogame™ | easy but you don't need to be an athlete to get the benefits 


What to expect from your class?

Every yogame™ | active class is made up of three exercise Blocks which the Instructor changes out from class to class to ensure each of your workouts is familiar yet different. The format is the same as yogame™ | sport but here the exercises are less intense and the music choices more mainstream, with a balance of education and motivation from your Instructor. Classes are 45 minutes


What do I need for my workout?

  • Comfy clothes that allow you to move easily – perhaps a spare top for Relaxation 

  • Bare feet – but use footwear to & from class 

  • A drink bottle – with a drink!

  • Maybe your own yoga mat – club dependent

  • A sweat towel


How often can I go?

As often as you like! To see results it's generally accepted that you need to attend two to three times a week & then it simply depends on your goals and personal schedule


Benefits of yogame™ | active

  • Improved functionality

  • Strength

  • Flexibility/suppleness  

  • Body knowledge

  • Endurance 

  • Co-ordination & balance

yogame™ | active class structure 


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