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What is yogame™ | relax?

yogame™ | relax is our Guided Relaxation class.


 In our other classes you have the ‘opportunity’ to relax and get a little ‘me’ time. Here you have a lot more time, as well as an Instructor to guide you through the process, step-by-step. Not only do you achieve a relaxed state at the time you also gain insight into how to utilize very simple techniques to relax yourself in day to day situations

Exercise style 

yogame™ | relax offers you a physically passive class experience, no previous experience is needed 


What to expect from your class? 

Unlike our other yogame classes, yogame™ | relax is a simple, one focus format where the Instructor will talk you into the position that is most comfortable for you and then guide you through a pattern of various techniques to help you relax. Classes are 20 minutes


What do I need for my class?

  • Comfy clothes that will keep you warm enough while you remain still on the floor

  • Bare feet, but feel free to use socks if you get cold feet for any reason 

  • A drink bottle – with a drink!

  • Maybe your own yoga mat – club dependent

  • A small towel


Benefits of yogame™ | relax

  • Relaxation!

  • Calm yourself

  • Reduce your stress levels

  • Distance yourself from daily issues

  • Provide a lasting sense of well-being

  • Deal more easily with daily annoyances



young woman relaxing in yoga
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