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Please find the answers to the most usual questions club/facility owners have before getting our classes for their business - if you can't find the answer you're looking for please don't hesitate to contact us here and we can answer all your questions quickly & easily! 

How do I get the classes for my club?

Easy! Contact us here and tell us what you want and we can quickly organise it for you


Is there a licence?

  • All clubs, facilities or places of business must have a licence agreement from One Fitness Concepts in order to use our classes and brands

  • The specific costs and conditions vary depending upon your location, the number or classes you take, the number of locations you licence and any special arrangements you have with us. Please contact us here for a quote


My business is not a gym as such - can I still get your classes?

Yes! We have a variety of custom licences which cover businesses for Workplace Wellness, Hotel, Spa & Resorts as well as Yoga Studios. Please discover more here or contact us directly here to discuss your specific needs 


Can I choose how many classes to take?

Of course! You can take all our class styles or just one! 

  • KetFit™ can be licenced as a stand-alone class 

  • yogame™ has a 2-class minimum as a crucial part of the design in that it is a progressive class product and as such your club needs at least two of the classes for it to be effective for your business

Please talk to us to understand better how this clever process benefits both you and your members! 


If I take yogame™ do I have to take all the class styles?

No. Even though yogame™ has a 2-class minimum and you can easily take all 5 class styles for your club you don't have to! Just give us an idea of your objectives and we can recommend the best mix of our yogame™ to suit your needs 


How do I find Instructors to teach for me?

You have a couple of choices:

  • Run recruitment at your club and we can organise to train 'your' Instructors for you

  • Advertise locally or use our database to locate nearby Instructors who are looking for more work

N.B. Local Instructors who have had their training paid for by their home club or have exclusive contracts with a particular club or chain are not usually available to you

Contact us here if you need help with this


Do you manage the Instructors?

Partially - we monitor our Instructors on-going via workshops, updates, education and advanced training as well as demanding re-certification every 2 years. The day-to-day management of the Instructors working for you is your responsibility


Can I use Instructors from other clubs?

Sometimes, please see above 


Do I need special or different studio space for these classes? 

Not at all! All our classes can be taught in any studio space. Depending on your club style you can equally well run yogame™ in your Group Fitness space or your mind-body studio (but preferably with a stage). KetFit™ has no special studio requirements either 

If you need help with studio design or renovations please feel free to chat to us about it 


Is yogame™ a particular kind of yoga?

The yogame™ style can be best categorised as an Integrated style


What are the advantages of your yoga classes?

You can check them out here in more detail but in general terms they are:

  • Pragmatic

  • Intelligible

  • Manageable

  • Authentic

  • Fun

  • Progressive


How will KetFit™ be good for my club?

KetFit™ Group Fitness class is like nothing you've ever had in your club before! You can learn more details about it here but some of the highlights are:

  • Functional fitness

  • Core training

  • Dynamic, primal movements 

  • A new training modality for your members

  • Encourages more men to your Group Fitness space 

  • Encompasses HIIT training concepts 


What style of kettlebell training does KetFit™ use?

KetFit™ classes utilise the Hard Style of kettlebell training as popularised by Pavel Tsatsouline


Does KetFit™ need special equipment?

Only kettlebells. No benches, straps, bands or anything else. We always recommend using competition kettlebells for your classes. If you need more information about rationale, brands or suppliers please chat to us


How do these classes help my business?

As the fitness industry matures and all clubs have essentially the same equipment and classes One Fitness workouts offer very clear differentiation for your business as well as meshing nicely with other existing classes you may have. 
Our classes work really well as a strong selling point to new customers as well as providing great retention benefits for your business.

As current and prospective club members become more sophisticated and discerning they will be attracted by quality offerings, intelligent class design and high teaching standards 


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