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Thank you for considering our classes.
Unsure as to what will best suit your needs? Start by following through the map below to give yourself a general idea and then please contact us if you need help, more specifics or a quote!
I want for my club...
I want for my club...
Weights class

For your club

  • a differentiation advantage for your facility

  • be first with a new training modality

  • a sales & retention tool

  • maintain interest for your Instructors and Participants 


For Participants

  • a new & exciting workout

  • gain speedy results safely 

  • develop functional fitness,

    strength, functionality, flexibility, cardio response at the same time



  • functional training 

  • non-impact

  • HIIT

  • strength

Mind/body class

For your club

  • new style of yoga

  • accurately segments your yoga market 

  • yoga classes and teachers become measurable and manageable through standardization

For Participants

  • clear participation choices

  • certainty around design & delivery

  • familiarity of style, purpose and outcome


  • functional training 

  • authentic yoga

  • modern

  • understandable 

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