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Vegan diets

Vegan diets

Challenges and considerations

Exploring the nutritional landscape of vegan diets: challenges and considerations.

As Patricia Soh, with the support of Jacob Knight and the SNi team, writes about in Sustainable Nutrition Initative, the growing interest in the adoption of plant-based dietary patterns and she and outlines the considerations of trade-offs such as nutritional adequacy and cost in this diet transition.

A vegan diet is the most restrictive form of a plant-based diet and its appropriacy in certain populations needs to be carefully examined. Nutritional profiles of the vegan diet are dependent on the selection of foods, which is in turn affected by other factors, such as affordability and acceptability. Importantly, evidence-based knowledge must accompany the personal drive for switching to or maintaining an entirely plant-based diet, to achieve optimal nutritional outcomes.

Vegan diets

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