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Sore After Working Out?

Sore After Working Out?

Here’s what actually works.

Post-exercise stiffness is a part of any fitness regimen, but many treatments don’t address the underlying cause. An article from the NYT sheds some light on this topic.

Luckily, you don’t need expensive or elaborate gimmicks to get back on your feet. Simple techniques, along with thinking from the “inside out,” will help you prevent soreness, recover properly and avoid injury.

This article addresses topics such as using your fascia, setting yourself up for success, eating and sleeping well, easing pain and more.

Just be aware, some post-workout pain might actually be injury. One indicator is where you feel soreness. If the pain is global — felt in both legs, for instance — you’ve probably only overdone a workout. Injury, on the other hand, tends to be localised. In addition, injuries often cause immediate pain, while you usually don’t feel soreness until after.

If you suspect an injury, dial back on the aggravating activity and see a medical practitioner.

Sore After Working Out?

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