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Should people wear a face mask during exercise?

Should people wear a face mask during exercise?

What should clinicians advise? Should you do it? 

In the face of too much or conflicting information, it's sometimes hard to know whom to believe or what to do.

This quick read from the BJSM blog sets things straight regarding mask-wearing, COVID-19 & exercising. Have a read here of the original article or you can get the gist of it from their summary below:

  • A face-covering is an effective way to prevent viral transmission in a community context, provided that compliance is high11.

  • This must be accompanied by social distancing during exercise and effective hand hygiene when you return home.

  • Remove the mask correctly after workouts by untying it from behind. Avoid touching the front area of the cover, particularly the inner layer.

  • After removing the mask, or in case of inadvertent touching it, wash or sanitise your hands.

  • Remember to wash your mask/buff regularly, preferably iron it dry, and do not re-use masks designed for single use.

  • Do not exercise with febrile illness.

The great news is that it gets easier with practice & everyone benefits!

Should people wear a face mask during exercise?

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