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Reduce Your 'Biological Age'?

Reduce Your 'Biological Age'?

Following these 8 habits may help

Last year, the American Heart Association released its updated list of Life’s Essential 8, which the organization defines as “key measures for improving and maintaining cardiovascular health.” This year, the nonprofit went a step further, releasing a report based on the analysis of over 6,500 adults concluding that following the guidelines may actually reduce a person’s “biological age” ― also known as phenotypical age ― by up to five years. That’s a lot.

So, what behaviors should you prioritize? Here’s what the American Heart Association includes on its checklist:

“An analogy that is often used is that ‘genetics load the gun but behaviors pull the trigger,’” Dr. Satyajit Reddy, a cardiologist at Mayo Clinic Arizona said. “Aside from particular cardiac disorders, we know that lifestyle and behavior [play] a vitally important role in whether a particular cardiac predisposition will manifest.”

Follow as many healthy lifestyle guidelines as you can for as long as you can ― they will all make a difference.

Reduce Your 'Biological Age'?

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