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Muscle memory

Muscle memory

What you should know about muscle memory to help you stay fit

Melanie Radzicki McManus writes in CNN Fitness  about the two different types of muscle memory that we have 

Science says there are two different kinds of muscle memory. One type, neurological, is tied to the recall of learned activity, while the other form, physiological, is related to the regrowth of actual muscle tissue.

Understanding how both kinds of muscle memory work can help you get off to a strong start if you’re establishing a new fitness routine or rebooting one after a break.

The neurological form of muscle memory is probably the type most of us associate with the term, as it has to do with the phenomenon in which it appears our muscles are “remembering” specific movements.

The physiological side of muscle memory has to do with the ability to quickly regain lost muscle. This is often seen in people who frequent the gym, then have a prolonged break in their routine. While they may lose muscle mass due to their inactivity, it will typically return more quickly than when they first put it on.

You can read the whole article here including the studdie it cites. 

Muscle memory

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