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HIIT: the fitness scene's biggest fad

HIIT: the fitness scene's biggest fad

is it doing more harm than good? 

As Max Lowry writes in the NZ Herald: "I'm not saying that HIIT isn't an effective form of exercise, because it really is. BUT it's important to understand who should/shouldn't be doing it and note that everyone is different. What benefits one person doesn't necessarily benefit the next".

As he says," HIIT's rise in popularity is symptomatic of what is wrong with the fitness industry as a whole: a brazen disregard of the fundamentals, and a detrimental "one size fits all" mentality".

We totally agree with Max when he says that "there's often no focus on form or technique in these classes, even though it's now prescribed as the go-to form of exercise for everyone. Instead, the measure of a good HIIT sessions seems to be how "destroyed" you feel after a class. It's inevitable that problems arise from this 'all pain for gain' approach".

In summary, some HIIT can work for some people but there are almost endless options which we believe are safer, more effective and better suited to the majority of people.

HIIT: the fitness scene's biggest fad

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