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ChatGPT as a personal trainer?

ChatGPT as a personal trainer?

Some people are starting to use ChatGPT instaed of a trainer

As Khadijah Khogeer writes for NBC, some trainers say replacing them with ChatGPT could lead to unsafe or ineffective workouts.

The main attraction for most people is that it is ostensibly free. However, the risks involved are real. 

If you have no prior exercise knowledge or experience, you have no way of knowing whether or not you are getting sound advice from your AI. 

As it stands, a chatbot cannot spot you, can't assess your movement quality or positions and most importantly it’s unable to provide the human interaction that helps most of us safely reach our goals.

Read the article here and see what you think.

ChatGPT as a personal trainer?

Read the original article by  Khadijah Khogeer here 

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