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10 Fitness 'Rules' You Should Abandon in 2024

10 Fitness 'Rules' You Should Abandon in 2024

For the Best Results

Good news! Eat This Not That has got some clear guidance for you for the new year!

With the overwhelming amount of conflicting fitness information online, separating fact from fiction has become more challenging than ever. 

They have chatted with health and fitness experts who share the top 10 fitness "rules" you should abandon in 2024 for the best results. These common fitness myths have all been debunked, making them an unnecessary burden on your fitness mindset.

Say goodbyye to targeted fat loss, HIIT and restrictive eating and say hello to common sense and science.

Check them out in this article to ensure you are not falling victim to any of them so you can get more gains in 2024.

10 Fitness 'Rules' You Should Abandon in 2024

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