Not sure how to get started or how the programme is structured? Follow the list below to help you be successful!

how to get started

1. Decide which class style you want to teach

Do you want to teach yogame™ or KetFit™? You can always teach both! Once you've decided this you can check your eligibility to attend the Instructor training.

2. Check your eligibility to attend a training

You need to have a basic yoga or kettlebell background to attend the Instructor Module Training course. If you're not sure if your background is appropriate - contact us to be sure.
We run specialist courses specifically geared to getting you prepared for your Instructor Module Training course. We offer a Yoga Basics course to prep your for yogame™ training and a Kettlebell Basics course to get you ready for KetFit™ Instructor training

3. Sign yourself up!

Once you've signed your Instructor agreement and then you can apply for your training module! Contact us here to sign up

4. Find a training module

You have decided what you want to instruct and you are eligible and you've signed your agreement now find the right training closet to you!
If one doesn't show here, get in contact with us and we can help you find the right one!

5. Work towards your Instructor Certification

Onece you've passed your module training you can start instructing, or continue to work towards your module pass. Now you're instructing you can apply for certification assessment here


programme structure

pre training module

  • brush up on your modality skill (yoga or kettlebell)
  • attend the class you will learn to teach if possible
  • listen to the music that will be used in the training
  • make sure you have all the information regarding the training

day 1

Gain an overview of the course

Learn about:

  • instruction

  • physical execution

  • music

day 2

Learn about:

  • engagement
  • leadership
  • instructional skills
  • planning

day 3

Learn about:

  • music & choreography
  • professional development
  • personal presentations


  • complete final quiz
  • work towards certification