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What should you eat post-workout?

What should you eat post-workout?

Here are 6 rules to follow, which can negate the weight-loss benefits of breaking a sweat

This is as individual as it gets - it depends so many different factors but Cynthia, who is a sports nutritionist, offers six suggestions concerning this.

You can read more here but in general terms it's quite straightforward. And as she says "the professional athlete and 'weekend warriors' have differing needs, in order to get the most out of being active, everyone needs to eat properly to help their bodies recover from the wear and tear of exercise."

She suggests that:

  1. You eat something up to an hour after you finish

  2. You don't automatically go to a protein supplement as a default

  3. Real food is going to be better than something made in a lab

  4. You don't differing - maybe you didn't really work that hard!

  5. You rehydrate  - water is always best but sometimes a sports drink can help

  6. Just because you're thirsty don't head straight for the bar

just remember: find out your personal re-fuelling needs and address them in a sensible manner!

What should you eat post-workout?

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