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Exercise During Pregnancy Boosts Babies’ Health

Exercise During Pregnancy Boosts Babies’ Health

New research from NUS

Note: always consult your health care professional before undertaking exercise in relation to your pregnancy.

In a new study, researchers in Singapore found that moderate exercise before and during pregnancy promotes healthy fetal development through DNA methylation.

The researchers found an association between recreational physical activity (before and during pregnancy) and placental DNA methylation. DNA methylation is a process that regulates gene expression and cellular function in the placenta. It has been critical for studying the processes related to fetal and maternal health.

The researchers at NUS found that a healthy diet and active lifestyle may benefit pregnant mothers and their children, as shown in the intergenerational impact of maternal nutrition and lifestyle before and during pregnancy on fetal growth and offspring health. However, the underlying biological mechanisms remain unclear.

You can read about it here. 

Exercise During Pregnancy Boosts Babies’ Health

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