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Yoga improves cardiovascular health

Yoga improves cardiovascular health

New research from Laval University, Quebec

According to a new article in the Daily Times, a three-month pilot research of hypertension individuals, adding yoga to a regular exercise training programme promotes cardiovascular health and wellness and is more efficient than stretching exercises.

Lead investigator Paul Poirier, MD, PhD, Quebec Heart and Lung Institute – Laval University, and Faculty of Pharmacy, Laval University, Quebec, Canada said “the aim of this pilot study was to determine whether the addition of yoga to a regular exercise training regimen reduces cardiovascular risk."

The study determined that Yoga is more beneficial than stretching exercises for improving cardiovascular health and wellness, according to a three-month pilot study of hypertension individuals published by Elsevier in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology. Yoga decreased systolic blood pressure and resting heart rate, which reduced 10-year cardiovascular risk. 

 Yoga improves cardiovascular health

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