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Mike Huffam is New Zealand’s leading kettlebell trainer, functional fitness educator, PT and athlete.


Mike began his training career in London and has been working in Auckland since 2004.. His approach incorporates innovative techniques and exercises to provide a non-traditional, functional workout. His clients range from the uninitiated to professional athletes such as performers from Cirque du Soleil.


Mike is ideally suited to guide the class and training design for our KetFit™ Group Fitness product. Years of being an award-winning personal trainer, a kettlebell specialist and more recently a very successful Crossfit™ competitor lets him bring his 'safety-first' style of fitness success to the general public.


"As a personal trainer for a number of years I am constantly on the look out for modalities that will continue to challenge my clients and deliver better all-round results. In 2006 I discovered kettlebell training and I’m such a fan of this type of training I’ve become certified with both RKC & IKFF and as a result,


I’ve been searching for a way to deliver it to more & more people. In developing KetFit™ classes I believe this is THE thing that will change how people perceive kettlebell training and enable them to easily include it into their fitness regime. Not only will it quickly and effectively meet their major exercise goals it will address their functional training needs as well as keep a high level of interest for a long time to come"

Mike Huffam for KetFit™ at ISPO Shanghai 2015
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