Your brain on exercise: the neuroscience behind a good workout

Clearly, there’s a relationship between exercise and the brain, but what is it? What creates such a dramatic improvement in mood, mental health and even memory following a workout?

Lorne Opler writes in an ACE education resource piece that there's a change in brain biochemistry that takes place when you exercise.

There are approximately 100 neurotransmitters working in the brain to carry out a variety of functions, but two types of neurotransmitters in particular—endorphins and serotonin— are responsible for why you feel so good when you exercise.

But it’s not just aerobic activity that can relieve symptoms of depression. More recently, strength training—which includes anything from body-weight exercises and resistance-band workouts to machines and free-weight exercises—has also been shown to improve mental health and reduce the incidence of depressive illness.

You can read Lorne's full article here on the ACE site.

your brain on exercise
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