7 things that happen when you stop eating meat

People go plant-based for lots of reasons​ - for inspiration, check out these other benefits you can expect when you go plant-based.

Plant-based nutrition - the term 'diet' is so often misconstrued - has become so widely accepted that it has all but lost its Hippy connotations. 

If you can get past all the side-ways looks you get when you come out as vegetarian or vegan and check out the great benefits cutting back or eliminating meat, dairy & eggs from your meals, you'll do yourself a favour not only physically but emotionally as well.

Forks over Knives the film/book/website have just published a really nice summation of the 7 things that happen when you stop eating meat - have a quick read and see if perhaps making a change like this could benefit you or anyone you know or simply validate what is already a smart lifestyle choice that you have previously made! 


Plant based food