Smart strategies for staying safe whilst pregnant and exercising

It's well understood that it is important and beneficial to be active whilst pregnant. 


There are a few overriding considerations that you should be aware of during this important time:

  • always consult your medical professional and follow their advice 

  • understand that there is a big difference between continuing an established fitness programme from before you became pregnant and starting something new 

  • listen to your body and be aware of the changes that are happening

  • tell your instructor that you are pregnant. This way they will understand if you are exercising differently in class and they can also give you options and advice to help you. They will also be aware of your situation should you have health concerns whilst in class 


Continuing an established exercise programme, albeit with modifications, is generally an excellent idea and there are ways you can continue to enjoy your classes with us and your progress through your pregnancy 


Our recommendations are:

  • yogame™ - continue to participate 

  • KetFit™ - do not participate 



For help in modifying your participation in your yogame™ classes please use the information in the yogame™ pregnancy leaflet that you can view here or download it to keep with you. 



The very nature of kettlebell training means that the risks outweigh the benefits. Even if you have been participating before you became pregnant we recommend that you do not continue whilst pregnant 


yogame™ Pregnancy considerations by trimester

1st trimester

0 to week 12

During this time compression is not really an issue because the pelvis protects the uterus so you are still able to do prone poses. Resting supine is also not an issue until the 2nd trimester.
Continue to stay well hydrated and rest when the need arises.
In general, deep twists, backbend and jumps should be avoided. 

2nd trimester

week 13 to

week 28

Rest and modify some poses to be done on your sides, be aware of changes in your centre of gravity and do leg balances with both feet on the ground if necessary.
Sometimes you will feel lightheaded when suddenly standing up or moving to the floor.
You can continue to tone your deep abdominals in simple ways such as bringing your belly to your spine. 

3rd trimester

week 28 to term

Continue to focus on good posture, avoid back bends and prone and supine positions. Make space for your baby by keeping your legs apart & do open twists to avoid compression.

The way you approach your workout will change as you move through your your pregnancy. These are general guidelines and will vary a little from person to person depending upon you.

One of the main ways for you to manage your participation is to take notice of how your body feels and then continue at the same intensity or decrease it – this is not a time to be increasing the intensity in your class. If you are new to exercise, yoga or yogame™ please attend yogame™ | easy.