The power of synchronised

We know it seems to work - this helps us to understand why 

You've probably tried it - closing the curtains & playing that exercise DVD that you ordered through the mail. 

It promised great things - you were going to be skinny, young rich & sexy in just a few weeks. But somehow it didn't really happen like that.


While we totally believe that exercising at home on your own is perfect for some people - those who are shy, pushed for time or caring for family members. But for most people, they seem to get more out of it when they get all hot & sweaty with others. 


They had 264 young people take part in this study Brazil, and although it primarily focuses on dance, the results were pretty clear that exercising together in a synchronised manner helps you tolerate pain & foster friendships. 


You will have noticed both these things if you workout in a class situation - the workout seems to be easier (more achievable) and you get a boost from the sociability of the occasion. 


At home workouts have their place and meet you half-way with the music, but 'group' fitness will always win out! 


You can read a report on the study here