Why your muscles

get less sore

Unexpected immune system cells

may help repair muscles​

The first time back to the gym after a long break usually results in sore muscles. Fortunately, the return trip a few days later - if it happens - is generally less painful.​ Just doing simple daily tasks you feel as if you never want to see the gym again...


But you do - you go back, you work out again but this time you're not as sore? It's great - don't get me wrong, but why? 


Researchers at Brigham Young University know that it is the immune system  that plays some role in how the muscle repairs itself and protects against additional damage after workouts.


In this study the scientists discovered that it appears to the T cells that are coming to our rescue, meaning that they don't just work with infection.


You can read the review of this latest work here. 

sore shoulder muscle