Hot fitness trends for 2017!

Fitness trends to look out for in the coming year 

It's that time of the year again - let's see what's going to be coming our way this year! 


There are several organisations that offer their thoughts on this subject.  The infographic on the right is the top 10 results of the ACSM 


Some of these are perennial, others come and go as their popularity ebbs & flows. 


We don't necessarily endorse any group's predictions in particular but this year we like:

  • body weight training

  • HIIT - KetFit

  • educated & experienced fitness professionals - that's us! 

  • yoga - obviously! 

  • group training = Group Fitness


Probably our least favourite is wearable tech.

Whilst we love tech (you're on our website after all!) we worry about people buying wearable tech but 'forgetting' to actually workout. It can be a huge help on many levels - but you still have to do the hard yards.  

2016 fitness trends