Warming Up Isn’t Optional, It’s Optimal

Practice breeds improvement. Warming up primes practice.

Brandon Sarmiento offers this smart take on warming up before you work out. 

Warming up got a bad rap a few years ago when a study declared that warming up didn't necessarily prevent injury and subsequently people stopped warming up because the logic got twisted and some people only saw warming up in terms of injury prevention rather than performance, comfort or focus. 

Anecdotally, there is certainly a feeling amongst athletes and weekend warriors that warming up helps with injury prevention, but the biggest takeaway for this article (which you can read here) is purposeful movement.

This isn't just for your warm-up - it should be the mainstay of your workout or training and can actually be of benefit if you bring it into your everyday life. 

Try it - we think you'll like it. 

Warm Up on the Beach
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