Why plant protein is better for you than animal protein

Plant protein has more nutrients and fibre (though not all of the amino acids)

Study after study shows that meat as a protein source just isn’t that healthy. It’s far better to get that necessary protein from plants.


A recent article in Popular Science (read here) attests to the benefits of choosing plant protein over that of meat. 

Meta-analyses that compared people who eat animal versus plant proteins consistently find that, even after adjusting for other influential factors like socioeconomic class, weight, and exercise habits, those who eat plants tend to live longer, healthier lives. They tend to have less cardiovascular disease and fewer cancer cases, though especially the cancer association tends to drop away once other factors have been controlled for.


This is not to say that you should suddenly cut all the meat from your diet - just choose wisely and be aware that there are alternatives out there that may benefit your long-term health. 


Check out the full article here

Plant protein

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