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Check out what's in your future for 2016!

Check out what's in your future for 2016!

It's the New Year - so everyone is hyper-motivated to either start afresh or simply up their game. 

New Year - new trends. Fitness trends, like most others tend to come and go, while some stick around for a long time - and this year is no different.

There are several organisations that offer their thoughts on this subject. ACSM and ACE both offer great guidance from slightly different viewpoints. ACSM did a pretty infographic (on the right) so we've shared it for you!

While some of their opinions may seen a little contradictory it's well worth reading both and getting a feel for what's out there.

We don't necessarily endorse any group in particular but we like:

  • yoga  - obviously! (ACSM)

  • the return of steady-state training (ACE)

  • functional fitness (ACSM) kettlebells anyone?

  • education workshops for consumers (ACE)

Probably our least favourite is wearable tech.

Whilst we love tech (you're on our website after all!) we worry about people buying wearable tech but 'forgetting' to actually workout. It can be a huge help on many levels - but you still have to do the hard yards.

Check out what's in your future for 2016!

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